Poster Special Prices

Luster or Glossy / Metallic
16x20      $7.96 / $10.35
16x24      $7.96 / $10.35
18x24      $8.96 / $11.65
20x20      $9.95/ $12.94
20x24      $9.95 / $12.94
20x30      $9.95 / $12.94
24x30    $11.94 / $15.52
24x36    $17.91/ $23.28
30x40   $19.90/ $25.87
30x45   $22.39 / $29.11
30x48   $23.88 / $31.04
30x60   $29.85 / $38.81
30x72   $35.82 / $46.57
30x84   $41.79/ $54.33
30x90   $44.78 / $58.22

Poster Special FAQ's

  • What type of files do you accept? +

    We can only accept 8bit per channel RGB JPEG or TIFF files only.
  • What resolution should my file be set up at? +

    The Durst Theta 76HS prints at a fixed resolution of 254dpi, so if you are setting your files up at any of the ordering sizes, do not go any higher than that resolution. Submitting files at size at a higher resolution just slows production down because the RIP now needs to throw away all that extra information before sending the file to the printer.
  • What Color Space or Profile should my file be in? +

      We don't really have a preference of what color space profile you use, as long as it is a normal working RGB Color space, like sRGB IEC61966, AdobeRGB1998.
  • I want a size not offered, like a 24x36, can I still order via the Poster Special? +

    Yes. There are 2 ways you can go about ordering sizes not listed as the standard sizes. The easiest route, use the ROES ordering system. In the Poster Special Catalog, there is a layouts tab where we have created a lot of smaller as well as odd sizes on the standard sizes we offer. For example, we have a 24x36 on a 30x40, or a 22x28 on a 24x30. The other way is to set up you file as the size you want it, then extend the canvas around the image to the size you will be ordering from us. Example, lets say you want to order an 18x24, set your image up at that size, but then extend the canvas around your image in Photoshop or the like, to a 20x30, the size we offer. Trimming is available at an additional charge, it starts at $5 per print up to 4 cuts.
  • How do I crop my files or do you do that? +

    If you are looking to crop your own file(s), we highly recommend that you order through the ROES ordering system. The ROES system is a What You See Is What You Get interface and it gives you the options to crop, fit or rotate your image in the template. The Frontweb interface only has two options, print to fit and center crop. Remember, if your files are not proportional to the size(s) being ordered, if no cropping method is chosen, you will receive back a print with white borders.
  • Do you correct my images for density and or color? +

    Yes, but if you would like us to leave your images alone, just say so in the special instructions field or in ROES, just select No Color Correction on the Review Order Screen. Keep in mind, the amount of color/density corrections we do is minimal. Images that are subjective, like sunsets, artistic images,etc, we will not correct. 
  • Are these prints Inkjets? +

    All the prints on the Durst are printed on silver halide photographic Fuji Professional Crystal Archive Papers, processed in Fuji Professional RA-4 chemistry. For the larger formatted prints being done on our HP 365 Latex printer, those are inkjet done with Latex ink on to HP Professional Satin Photo Paper. According to HP, the archival rating of their latex ink and paper is well over 100 years.
  • Should I sharpen my image(s)? +

    Yes, but do not over do it. Sharpen it to what you like without bringing out artifacts. Although the RIP applies sharpening based on the size of your file and the print size it is printing, it is only enough to make up for what is lost during the normal printing of digital files to photographic paper.
  • What is the archival rating of these prints? +

    Under normal lighting conditions, not direct sunlight or spotlights, the Wilhelm Institute has rated the Fuji Professional Paper at 80+ years before noticeable fading.
  • Do you inspect my images for quality and if they will hold up to poster sizes? +

    No, we do not open and inspect your files issues or quality. If you feel your files may not be big enough to hold up to Poster Size prints, use the Frontweb interface, once you upload your images and then click on the thumbnails of them, there is a quality meter based off the file size you uploaded and the print size you want to order. This will give you a good idea if your files will hold up. We are not responsible for assumptions on your part, if you have questions or concerns, please email, call or make mention of it in the special instructions field. There are no refunds or credits for mistakes or assumptions on your part.
  • If I pay for 2nd Day or Next Day Air shipping, that means you rush my order right? +

    No, orders are printed in the order we receive them. While we do try to meet requests from clients who might have a deadline, this can not and should not be assumed. Either call or put your request in the special instructions field and we will see if we can accommodate you. Rush shipping merely means the order will be shipped that way, it has no bearing on the processing of the order. 
  • How are my posters shipped to me? +

    Your prints are rolled around a 2.5" diameter tube, then bubble wrapped and inserted into a 4" diameter tube with 1/4" thick walls. All orders are shipped via UPS, except for Alaska, Hawaii and International orders, which are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and USPS Global Express Mail respectively.
  • I am unhappy with my prints, what recourse do I have? +

    Our goal is 100% customer satisfactions, should you be unhappy with the quality of the prints due to a printing error on our part we will gladly replace your prints. We will not refund or redo prints at no charge if there are issues with your files that you failed to notice prior to uploading. We can not inspect your files for quality or resolution artifacts at these prices, that is the responsibility of the client.
  • My Order is over $150, why does it still show a shipping charge? +

    Frontweb does not allow us the control to show Free Standard Shipping on orders with subtotals over $150. Since Frontweb does not charge your credit card, we deduct the Standard Shipping charges prior to billing. Please note, Free Standard Shipping is for orders shipping inside the continental US ONLY.
  • What is your return policy? +

    You have 14 days from receipt of the order to request a replacement or refund. Beyond 14 days, we reserve the right to determine if a replacement is due. Please inspect your prints as soon as you receive your package and contact us immediately if there is any damage or concerns.
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Poster Stipulations

$15 Order Minimum.
First Time Customers Please Read the FAQ's & Fast Facts Prior to Ordering.
These prices are only available from our online ordering systems.

How To Order

3 Great Ways to order with your MAC or PC
Click on the logos to get started
ROES Web is now live. Nothing to download or install. Works on Chrome or Safari, tablets and smartphones.
ROES Desktop is a JAVA applications that you will download and install. Works on both PC & MAC

Poster Special Fast Facts

  • Posters up to 30x90 are printed on a Durst Theta 76HS, all the Large and Grand Format sizes are printed on our HP 365.
  • We offer 3 paper types on the Theta, Fuji Professional SuperType PD Luster, Super Type C Glossy and Glossy Pearl (Fuji Metallic). We only offer a luster/semi gloss finish on the Large & Grand Format Sizes.
  • Normal In-house turn around time is 1 to 2 business days.
  • Glossy & Metallic are only ran twice a week so they might run a touch longer.
  • Split orders(Orders with multiple surface types) take longer for the above reason.
  • 8 bit per channel RGB JPEG or Tiff Files ONLY.
  • Theta 76HS prints at a fixed resolution of 254dpi
  • Orders with a subtotal over $150 ship Free via Standard Shipping Only. Expedited and URGENT shipped order are not Free. Available on Orders with ship to addresses in the Continental USA Only.

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