Sept 25th, 2022 Update

For the week of Sept 26-30th, there will be limited to no production going on. Sadly, my father Dan Reuther, the founder of the business passed away on the evening of the 24th. As many of you know we are a small family owned business and going through a very hard time with his passing. Please DO NOT place any deadline sensitive orders during this time period. Until arrangements are made we do not know what our business hours will be like if any at all this week. We appreciate your understanding, thoughts and prayers.

  • What Is Print-n-Stick Fabric?

    What Is Print-n-Stick Fabric?

    Print-n-Stick Fabric is an adhesive-backed Water Resistant Satin Cloth that sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue for sharp-looking, seamless graphics and superior photographic images every time.
  • Print-n-Stick Uses

    Print-n-Stick Uses

    It can be illuminated with a back light, be wrapped around wall corners, stuff ceilings and poles, re-positioned and re-used over and over again, actually the adhesive never weakens. You can even paint on the material or make custom cut-outs as you can kiss-cut (contour-cut) the material. It has been used in photography (reproduce any picture, create sports actions shots, artwork murals), wallpaper borders, corporate advertising, signs , posters , department stores ads, elevators door coverings, race cars, window signs, Find us any flat surface and we will stick something printed on Photo Tex on it! It has endless opportunities!
  • The Print-n-Stick Difference

    The Print-n-Stick Difference

    Print-n-Stick Fabric will not leave a sticky residue against 99% of any surface when removed. It can be placed in all weather conditions and it will not shrink or curl like vinyl. The adhesive is removable, reusable, patient and re-positionable. It does not remove paint from a primed wall, is safe to apply over wallpaper, applies without wrinkles, and does not rip.
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Print-n-Stick Pricing

Print-n-Stick starts at $6.90/sqft.

Standard Sizes
20x24  $22.99
24x30  $34.50
24x36  $41.40
24x48  $55.20
36x48  $82.80 

Print-n-Stick FAQ's

  • What type of files do you accept? +

    We can only accept 8bit per channel RGB JPEG or TIFF files only.
  • What Color Space or Profile should my file be in? +

    We don't really have a preference of what color space profile you use, as long as it is a normal working RGB Color space, like sRGB IEC61966, AdobeRGB1998.
  • How are wall murals printed? +

    For large wall mural, check we print your file in strips. It is best to work your wall mural dimensions around the two widths that we carry, cialis 24" & 36". We are able to print full bleed on those two widths, so it makes it very easy to produce even panels. For example, a 144" x 96" wall mural would be printed as 4 - 96"x36" panels.
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Print-n-Stick Fast Facts

  • Print-n-Stick is printed on our Canon iPF9000 12 Color Ink Jet.
  • Print-n-Stick is Water Resistant Satin cloth with a removable adhesive back
  • Normal in house turn around times are 2 to 3 business days
  • We stock Print-n-Stick in 24" & 36" widths.
  • 8 bit per channel RGB JPEG or Tiff Files ONLY.
  • No higher than 300dpi for sizes up to 30x40, 200dpi for sizes larger than 30x40 is sufficient.
  • Print-n-Stick can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Custom sizes are available

How to Order


2 Easy Ways To Order

Click on the ROES Icon above to enter the ROES WEB ordering system

A few key facts about the ROES Web ordering system:

1- You can only use Google Chrome or Safari

2- If you are ordering from tiff files, you can only use Safari, Chrome has a known issue with tiff files that Google has yet to fix

3- Only order from 8bit RGB files

4- The login Section at the top of the screen is NOT currently used.

5- Should you encounter any issues ordering, please contact us through the support page or call us at 732-536-1808

Click on the above Icon to download and install the ROES Desktop application. 

A few key facts about the ROES Desktop system:

1- The application is Java based that will download and will run on either a PC or MAC.

2 - The Desktop application is ideal for clients ordering from a large quantity of images or very large sized files.